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Quality control and testing for plastic industry

16 september 2020

Quality control and testing for plastic industry

The choice of a plastic material depends, among other factors, on its mechanical properties. For this, it is vital to determine these properties that depend on external forces to the polymer, affecting in one way or another according to the nature of it.

To test the mechanical properties of plastic materials, at IDM Test we have different testing and quality control devices. The most versatile and efficient equipment used by our clients in the plastics industry to determine a multitude of properties is the Universal Testing Machine.

Determination of traction in plastics:

Compression tests on plastics.

Measurement of bending resistance of plastic materials.

Determination of tearing in plastics:


Depending on your control and test needs, we have two models of Universal Testing Machines: one model with one column and another with two columns. In both cases the length of the column is customizable.

With the Universal Testing Machines for the plastics industry, you will have total control over your tests and results. The high resolution color touch screen facilitates the interpretation of data and the equipment can be connected to other devices without the need for external software.

In addition, you will be able to change the type of test quickly thanks to the easy change of load cells and automatic load cell recognition.

If you would like more technical information about our versatile, robust and advanced Universal Testing Machines for Tensile and Compression Testing, please visit their files on the web:

See technical details of the 1-column Universal Testing Machine (MTC series).

See technical details of the 2-column Universal Testing Machine (DTC series).

Or contact our experts in Universal Testing Machines.

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