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We go beyond developing, designing and manufacture

When your testing equipment has become obsolete and the purchase of a new one is an expense that is hard to face, our Engineering Department proposes that we take advantage of the mechanical parts of the machine and change the electronics and measurement components. In this way, we can have a mechanically correct machine that has the latest electronic technology, with the possibility of connecting it to a PC if necessary.

  • Measurement and control electronic card.
  • Card power supply.
  • Display.
  • Control butons.
  • Control panel.
  • Measurement sensors (load cells, pressure transducers, etc.)
  • Adaptation of mechanical parts to the measurement sensors.
  • Displacement transducer.
  • Motor speed drive.
  • Drive power supply.
  • Manoeuvring material and electrical installation.
  • Installation of electronic instruments for the measurements (force, pressure, flow, etc.) and displacement, speed regulation and monitoring of the testing activity.
  • This procedure uses the mechanical structure of the machine and the drive mechanism (electrical motor and transmission system).
  • To replace the current transducers, a modern transducer available on the market will be installed to guarantee measuring ac curacy and access to spare parts.
  • Installation of a displacement transducer, in the event of having one, to obtain information complementary to the Force-resistance result and, in addition, to facilitate the automatic positioning (return) manoeuvres.
  • Installation of an electronic motor speed control and regulation module to obtain the test speeds and positioning.
  • Installation of a control panel (TOUCHSCREEN) and display to control the displacement manoeuvres and view the test results.
  • Equipping the unit with a RS-232 communications port, USB, Ethernet to enable control from a PC by means of an OPTIONAL program.
  • IDM Paper
  • IDM Pulp
  • IDM Cardboard
  • IDM Graphic Industry
  • IDM Plastic
  • IDM Metal
  • IDM Fire
  • IDM Wood and Furniture
  • IDM Various Equipment