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  • Universal Testing Machines with two columns (UTM)
  • Universal Testing Machines with two columns (UTM)

Universal Testing Machines with two columns (UTM)

Cod: DTC-10 (030123) | DTC-25 (030115) | DTC-50 (030116) | DTC-100 (0301)Standard: Multiple

Two-column universal machine for performing tensile tests and many other laboratory tests.

With capacities of 10 kN, 25 kN, 50 kN and 100 kN, the double column DTC machines increase the force range and allow us to carry out higher load tests on different types of material (specimens) and parts (finished product), etc.

All of the machines in the DTC series are desktop, which makes them very versatile for use in a laboratory or on the production lines themselves. Made of steel and aluminium, they are characterised by their robustness and rigidity, with a perfectly balanced weight.

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    • Tests on large volume parts: The distance between columns of 420 mm and a travel of 1100 mm allows us to carry out tests on large volume pieces and to fit a wide variety of devices.

    • Customised temperature control:

      We have temperature and humidity control chambers in order to perform tests in condi- tions ranging from the cold of the Arctic to high temperature furnaces. Temperature ranges from –70 to 450°C.

    • As with the single-column MTC machines, we can connect a wide variety of strain gauges, both for small and large extensions such as those occurring with rubber.

    • Extensómetros: Como en las máquinas de una columna MTC, podemos conectar una gran variedad de extensómetros, tanto para pequeños y grandes alargamientos como los que se dan en el caucho.

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