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CIADICYP 2022 Sponsors

24 june 2022

CIADICYP 2022 Sponsors

From next Tuesday 28th June 2022, we will be at the Ibero-American Congress on Pulp and Paper Research (CIADICYP) to be held in Girona (Spain). 

CIADICYP brings together many pulp and paper researchers and there future strategic lines of action for these two sectors will be decided. That is why this meeting is an unmissable event for IDM Test, which is also a sponsor of the event.

Under the title “Tracing the path to a circular bioeconomy” this edition will focus on establishing the scientific and technological advances in the sector and outlining the future lines of strategy for pulp and paper.

Our faithful commitment to quality and the latest technological advances in these industries makes attendance at the congress mandatory, where we look forward to informing you of our advances in the design and development of quality control equipment for pulp and paper, such as the latest version of the IDM Test Laboratory Disc Refiner.

If you want to make an appointment, please write us to this email. See you in Girona!


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