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Cod: 040106Standard: ISO 9895, TAPPI T 826, DIN 54518, BS 7325.

SCT short compression resistance tester for packaging papers, equipment that has been replacing the RCT test, especially in low grammage papers, current trend in the paper market. Color touch screen with compression curve and full statistics. Possibility of adjusting the test distance of 0.7 mm according to the ISO and Tappi standards, and to 0.3 mm for very lightweight papers and R&D tests. Possibility of connecting it to PC through our Novilog and REGISTRA software. USB output for connection to printer and can print results and statistics without having a PC.

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    • Machine monitoring through colour touch screen and two auxiliary buttons. Possibility to perform tests and manage all the implemented functions and settings, this allows a total autonomy of the equipment.
    • Easy handling menu with different languages available.
    • Possibility to select and define multiple test results. Two result tables with a maximum of 10 result types and 20 tests per table. Possibility to compare MD and CD values.
    • Possibility of displaying results graphically.
    • Statistic test. Average value, standard deviation and maximum and minimum values.
    • Width of the test tube: 15mm.
    • Speed test and return to initial test position: 3 ± 1 mm/ minute.
    • KN/m SSV (Short Span Value).
    • Maximum strength in Newtons.
    • Compression rate in Nm/g.
    • SCT curve, SCT value and SCT rate.
    • Adjustable feet for the equipment levelling.
    • CE mark.

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