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Cod: 400201Standard: None

Equipment for the measurement of zeta potential in fibers. The easiest way to measure fiber load analysis. Determination of zeta potential in fibers. Optimization of the dosage of additives. Optimization of starch dosage, wet strength agents, sizing agents. PH-integrated measurement. All functions monitored by microcontroller. Easy evaluation of the measurement results.

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    • Fully automatic measuring procedure, controlled by simple menu manipulation, robust design, high precision and reproducibility.
    • No noisy and bulky external pumps required.
    • No manual adjustment of pressure control required: Pressure is automatically controlled by computer.
    • Integrated pH measurement.
    • Portable: A single device, low weight, carrying case with wheels.
    • Automatic cleaning system, controlled by a menu.
    • Automatic removal of the fiber plug after measurement.
    • Simple removal of the filtrate.
    • Measuring results compatible with similar equipment.
    • All the components (electronic measurement, microcontroller, control systems) are the latest technological standard.
    • Control and data processing performed by the most modern microcontroller.
    • It does not require external connection cables for electrodes - thus preventing manipulation errors.
    • Storage of data in a CF internal memory card for exporting and evaluating data in PC.
    • High performance PC software for recording, viewing, evaluating and storing data.
    • Data reading via screen or integrated printer.
    • It is possible to visualize trends.
    • Integrated vacuum pump protected against water.

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