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Cod: 080401Standard: ASTM F-1921-98

Equipment for adhesion and hot take-off tests. An accurate, repeatable and consistent method of sealing properties for a wide range of materials. 

Precise control of temperature, pressure and sealing time is controlled via a touch screen. The equipment takes the sample from the hot jaws. The force required to separate the seal is measured by a precise load cell.

Sample loading is quick and easy with small pneumatic jaws on each side of the mechanism. Both jaws are designed to prevent sample leakage and premature sample release. The resulting sealing force can be displayed in grams or Newtons by configuring the software.

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    Heat sealing applications are constantly evolving to meet the challenge of higher specification materials and faster production methods. Food manufacturers, plastic film converters, plastic film producers and, resin manufacturers are constantly striving to reduce cycles on packaging lines and recognize that improving the heat sealing process is one way to achieve this and ensure a higher degree of seal integrity.
    The number of sealing applications is extensive, polypropylene and cello films, coextruded films, thermoforming cups and trays, laminates and blisters, along with non-wovens, are just some of the materials that require the need for more accurate methods of measuring heat sealing capabilities and performance.
    The determination of heat-sealing requires a test method that provides repeatable results, free from operator interference. Other types of heat seal determination such as weight drop or spring testing are difficult to regulate and are more suitable for coarse evaluations. None of these methods provide as much data. The results are either peeled or unpeeled, they are not sufficient for the high demands of true quality, research and development.

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