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  • ATS Fluidity Index - MFI Test

ATS Fluidity Index - MFI Test

Cod: 380127Standard: ASTM D1238, D3364, ISO 1133-1 y 2, BS 2782, DIN 53735, JIS K7210.

Our MFI equipment is an advanced system for measuring the flow index.

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    • It incorporates a touch screen that facilitates the configuration of test routines and access to results and statistics.
    • There are two variants of the model, one with manual loading of the test masses and another with automatic loading that allows a more autonomous test using up to 3 different masses in one test.
    • Both variants can incorporate devices of manual or automatic cutting, besides being able to connect by means of a USB cable to the software ATS, that makes the control and recovery the results of the realized tests allowing us a more powerful statistical control, to make production reports and control graphs as needed.

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