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Advanced softwares for your laboratory testing equipment

17 july 2018

Advanced softwares for your laboratory testing equipment
Having the total traceability of the laboratory results and information will enable us to make a more accurate work. To reach this objective, is essential to have an advanced software for our laboratory equipment

In IDM Test we have developed three softwares for quality control and testing laboratory equipment, depending on laboratory's automation and computerisation level.

Registra IV:

This software has the capacity to storage the physical tests performed with Dynamometers, Sample Compressometers, Box Compressometers, Mullen Burst Tester, etc. 

It has a complete library of tests and we can also build and keep our own tests. 

It makes our work easier because it replaces the activity that we use to make manually.


This software collects data from different testing equipment at the same time. It works with Registra IV.

It brings us the possibility to have all the tests on a single report to send to our clients. 

It generates complete statistics. 


This software collects all the information of the equipment which is connected.

As Novilogs does, it keeps together the data building enabling us to have complete statistics.

Both softwares, Novilog and Collectlab, can be connected via Internet to the different laboratories of the same place. 

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