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IDM Test Mexico, our second subsidiary in Latin America

07 july 2021

IDM Test Mexico, our second subsidiary in Latin America

After the opening of the first IDM Test subsidiary in Cali (Colombia), we inagurate a new HQ in Mexico.

Being close to our customers is one of the main business objectives of the company. Therefore, with the opening of this new subsidiary, we want to strengthen the commercial ties with our customers in this part of the world by offering them an expert team in the production and comercialization of quality control equipment.

In addition to the sales department, the new Mexican office will have a service specialized in the repair of testing equipment. 

With Fernando Magaña as Sales Manager of IDM Test Mexico, the new headquarters is located in the city of Orizaba, placed in the geographical center of the State of Veracruz. A strategically very relevant location to provide an excellent service to all our customers in Latin America. 


IDM Test Mexico - Address:

  • Prolongación de Oriente 4 num. 58
  • Barrio de la Luz
  • 94450 Ixtaczoquitlán
  • Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico

IDM Test México - Contact:

  • Mob. (+52) 272 194 8711
  • Phone (+52) 272 106 0156
  • Linkedin

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