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IDM Test Lab, testing equipment and quality control systems in action

01 october 2020

IDM Test Lab, testing equipment and quality control systems in action

A space dedicated 100% to the demonstration of tests and trials of our quality control equipment.

The proximity and orientation to the client has been very present in IDM Test since the beginning of the company. We are always in search of new ideas and solutions capable of adapting to your needs; from new technological developments (quality control software, new testing equipment, etc.) to the implementation of services and installations that allow us to offer you a personalized consulting.

IDM Test Lab, a space for quality testing:

Quality testing for all industries:

Tests for industries such as: paper, pulp, cardboard, graphic, plastic, metal, fire, etc.

Quality assurance and specialization in testing machines for the paper industry:

As members of the PTA (Paper Testing Association), we provide technical and commercial support to the entire global paper industry.


If you would like to request a demonstration of one of our test equipment, please contact our sales team or ask for a meeting via Microsoft Teams.

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