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Equipment for determining the cardboard bending

25 april 2019

Equipment for determining the cardboard bending

In IDM Test we have a huge experience in developing testing machines for cardboard industry. One of the most common tests in that industry is the bending at four points. 


This test is essential to know the stacking and buckling of the boxes. With our 4 Points corrugated cardboard bending device you can measure without laser contact.


4 Points corrugated cardboard bending device:

  • According to ISO5628, TAPPI T820 and T836 standards.
  • Results in Nm.
  • Test specific configuration of the sample according to the channel used.
  • It can be tested by its external and internal face and measured before and after the conversion of the iron.
  • Our Registra/Novilog software through infrared is required.

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