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Paper, a present and future resource

03 february 2021

Paper, a present and future resource

IDM Test is part of La Asociación Clúster del Papel de Euskadi which is present in "El Foro del Papel", a space from which is disclosed, documented and truthfully informed about paper: cultivation, production, recycling, innovation, sustainability, economic value, etc.

Considering some revealing data (such as that 82.7% of consumers cannot imagine a life without paper or that 85% want the use of paper products to increase, replacing other materials), "El Foro del Papel" has published the website GRACIAS PAPEL (THANKS PAPER in English) to break myths with contrasted data, improve the image of the sector and expand the knowledge that society and institutions have about this resource of present and future.

Paper generates value in society and the economy:

It currently accounts for 4.5% of Spanish GDP, 18% of industrial employment and 1.8% of tax revenues.
(Source: CEPREDE)

Paper is one of the most sustainable natural resources available:

Its production grows forests, slows climate change and contributes significantly and directly to the circular economy.

Paper is innovation:

From it, natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable products are created that are pioneers worldwide.

We invite you to keep reading and disseminating the benefits of this powerful resource at where you can discover such interesting sections as the paper value chain in figures, sustainability and paper, the paper of the future, myths about paper and bioproducts.

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