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Burst testing in paper, tissue paper and cardboard.

12 december 2019

Burst testing in paper, tissue paper and cardboard.

To measure the burst resistance of materials such as cardboard, tissue paper and paper according to the corresponding standards, in IDM Test we have three laboratory equipments.


IDM Test equipment for performing bursting tests are fast, versatile (they can also be tested on wet paper) and easy to use.


Test the Burst on paper, tissue paper and cardboard in the laboratory:

 EM-50 and EM-80 Burst Testers – IDM Test:

Standards: ISO 2758, TAPPI T403 y T807, ASTM D477 y BS 3137.

Laboratory equipment to determine the Mullen Burst in board and paper. With pneumatic clamping, it shows the values representation, the bursting curve and BEA values.

Discover the technical features of EM-50 equipment here.

Discover the technical features of EM-80 equipment here.


 Tissue Paper Burst Testing Equipment – IDM Test: 

Standard: ISO 12625-9.

Laboratory equiment to test the burst or mechanical penetration in tissue paper by the ball method. This apparatus can be attached to all types of vertical testing machines.

Discover all the technical features here.

 If you want to get in touch with our experts in burst testing machines, please follow up this link.

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