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Cod: 100701-al-100707Standard: ASTMF-2029.

For thermo-sealing samples of plastic film, paper, composites, under controlled conditions of temperature, pressure and time.

A new era in product packaging presents a new problem area in heat sealing, especially in packaging for the pharmaceutical and food industries. A new way of packaging with Blister Pack, for a new range of products, together with improved food and hygiene standards for flexible packaging materials, make quality control testing increasingly essential from small production companies to the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, food, etc.

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    • Heated upper jaw, silicone rubber lower jaw (supplied as standard).

    • Hot upper and lower jaws (flat or curly) in compliance with ASTMF-2029.

    • Teflon-coated jaws. Blister Pack type and tray support.

    • Gradient sealing with 3 or 5 heated jaws.

    • With separate jaws and control.

    • Temperature and pressure alarm.

    • Pedal-operated (Optional).


    • Temperature: PID Control 0-300oC auto tuning, 1oC resolution, thermocouple type J, Accuracy +/-0,5%
    • Pressure Control: pressure regulator controller, 0-100 PSI (other units) repeatability 0.02 PSI digital indicator and strain gauge transducer. Accuracy +/-0.25% and Operating Accuracy: +/-5%.
    • Stop time: digital quartz timer, range 0.1 to 999.9 seconds. Accuracy +/- 0.01. Operating Accuracy: +/-5%.

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